What Pinza?

Mikä Pinza

Not an ordinary pizza, but Uuno's pinza.

Uuno’s unique deliciousness is based on a new Italian pizza innovation: the pinza base. Pinza base is baked with sourdough, using wheat, soy, and rice flour. By having small air pockets pressed into the base, pinza emphasizes the flavor of the fillings and does not give a doughy feeling.

Easy On The Belly

Easy on the belly

Ahky-free pinzas are baked with a flour mixture that includes not only high-quality wheat flour but also rice and soy flour. The sourdough baked dough only contains a little yeast, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. The dough is cold-rised for at least a day, after which it is transferred to the pinsere pressing bone.

Pressed Pinza

Love is in the air

Pinza comes from the word pinsere, which means to press by hand. Small air pockets are worked into each Uuno pinza by hand, which make the pinzos uniquely crispy and light, yet soft and fluffy inside. All Uuno's pinza bases are baked and pre-baked in Italy, in a local bakery


Pinza is filled with fillings

In Uuno more is more, and inventing new flavor combinations is a big passion for us. If a traditional pizza is often known as a simple margherita, we live by the rule: the more special, the tastier!